COLACRO XIV - Congresso Latino-Americano de Cromatografia e Técnicas Relacionadas

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Historical Aspects

   Happening every two years, COLACRO is the largest series of international events organized in Latin America dedicated to Chromatography and Related Techniques.

Created in 1986 with the main goal to be the largest forum to debate and promotion of Separation Sciences, COLACRO rapidly incorporate other techniques such as Mass Spectrometry, Electrophoresis, and Sample Preparation, among others, enlarging its scope to the "Latin-American Symposium on Chromatography and Related Techniques".

For now, the event happened in the following places:

1986 COLACRO I Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
1988 COLACRO II Buenos Aires, Argentina
1990 COLACRO III Águas de São Pedro, Brasil
1992 COLACRO IV Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
1994 COLACRO V Concepción, Chile
1996 COLACRO VI Caracas, Venezuela
1998 COLACRO VII Águas de São Pedro, Brasil
2000 COLACRO VIII Buenos Aires, Argentina
2002 COLACRO IX Cartagena de Indias, Colômbia
2004 COLACRO X Campos do Jordão, Brasil
2006 COLACRO XI Mérida, México
2008 COLACRO XII Florianópolis, Brasil
2010 COLACRO XIII Concepción, Chile - (event cancelled due to earthquake)
2012 COLACRO XIV Florianópolis, Brasil

   More than one hundred scientists between the worldwide most recognized on the area (from all continents) participated as guests on these events, discussing the latest advances in instrumentation and application of Chromatography and Related Techniques. It brought an incomparable contribution to the development of Separation Sciences in Latin-America. Pioneers such as Giddings, Schomburg, Huber, Jinno, Horvath, Cramers, Sandra, McNair, McLafferty, Fenselau, Onuska, Berezen, Milton Lee, Bertch, Kaiser, Dai Games, Valcarcel, Colin, Taylor, Mondello, Stashenko, Novotny, H. Frank, Ettre, Rabel, Majors, Pawlyszin, de Zeew, Penton, Guzman, Gutman, Kalaz, Bartle, and many others, gave their unavailable contribution to the promotion of cromatography and related techniques in Latin America.

Come to Florianópolis and become part of the most complete revision of the actual knowledgement as well as future trends in Separation Sciences and related techniques trough the Plenary Lectures, discussing the "state-of-the-art" in the area; posters presentation the latest results from the leading labs; and a Exhibition of instruments, literature and associated products. The pre-congress courses will cover aspects of the various techniques by the experts on both theoretical aspects (academic) and pratical ones (applications).


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