COLACRO XIV - Congresso Latino-Americano de Cromatografia e Técnicas Relacionadas

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All Abstracts submitted to COLACRO XIV & SIMCRO 2012 will be evaluated by the Local Scientific Committee. The content of the Abstract must be typed in the provided space, as described below. All accepted Abstracts will be included on the Scientific Program and COLACRO's Book of Abstracts, being presented during the meeting's Poster Sessions. For details about poster size, click here.

Thus, for COLACRO XIV & SIMCRO 2012 the authors must send the Abstracts according to the following directions.


The Abstract's corresponding author must be registered at our website.


After logged in at the Secure Area of the website, click the icon Abstracts and then, Send Abstract.


All required information must be provided according to instructions that will appear on the screen.


The content of the Abstract is inserted. You can simply copy the text from external programs (such as Microsoft Word) and paste them on the website, without formatting losses.


At this moment you can view the content as will be submitted and, if there are corrections to be made, simply click the "back" button of your web browser.


The abstract will be sent for evaluation. The results will be sent to the corresponding author, who should be responsible for letting the other authors know about it.

After receiving your Abstract the Local Scientific Committee will answer in up to 30 days.


Abstracts must be sent through the Secure Area as explained above. The formatting patterns are: 

Left margin: 3cm 
Right margin: 2cm 
Font (typography): Times New Roman, 11pt 
Line height: 1.5 (16.5pt) 
Total: 24 lines


Abstracts accepted by the Scientific Committee can be presented as a poster at the Posters Section, according to the established measures in order to maintain a visual order. Although, there are no rules of formatting for the content. So the poster size should be respected, but the content can be printed however the authors want.

Size: 90cm x 150cm

Posters bigger than this will not fit on the display area, so if the size rules are not followed, your poster might not be presented.


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